• Sound Insulation
  • Adds beauty and style
  • Long Life
  • Provides warmth and comfort
  • Matchless Variety
  • Softens slips and falls
  • Reduces noise
  • Wears well
  • Energy Saving


While all flooring solutions have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages none equals the comfort and warmth that is immediately noticeable from a quality carpet.

Carpet provides you with real thermal resistance and maintains heat very well which can of course be essential in the colder parts of the year. This attribute can add a considerable contribution to retaining the warmth in a room; therefore saving significantly on your energy cost.

Stereos, big screen televisions and all the other common household appliances can make the home a noisy environment. Carpets can help to absorb a good amount of these sounds. Adding upgraded cushion padding beneath your carpet reduces the noise level even further. Carpet also behaves as a sound buffer between floors by blocking the transmission of sound to the rooms below, and when quality carpet is installed on stairs this helps mask the sound of constant foot traffic, making the home a quiet and peaceful environment.

Add beauty and style to your home in a breeze. You can choose from hundreds of our carpet styles and colors allowing you ultimately to make a selection that will completely personalize your living space. Your choice can reflect a neutral foundation with warm and relaxing earth tones, or it can become a focal point with vibrant colors to accent your home in a livelier manner. Choose from simple elegant shades, or stronger bolder patterns and textures. The choice is completely up to you.

Enjoy the warmth and comfort that can only be found in a quality carpet by visiting our showroom and allowing us to assist you in finding the perfect match to accentuate your taste and style.